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The long-lost Limp Bizkit Fallout New Vegas mod is back in action

Fred Durst liked that

The Limp Bizkit Fallout New Vegas mod vanished for almost a decade, but we have it back now after someone remembered they had the Bethesda game's files on their PC. It’s good newsif you’re keen on cruising the wasteland to the sounds of Fred Durst or if you’re Fred Durst himself, who saw the news on Twitter and reposted it (thanks, VG 24/7).

The Limp Bizkit Fallout New Vegas mod isn’t fancy, and it doesn’t add the band or Bizkit-adjacent quests to New Vegas. It just lets you listen to Limp Bizkit when you turn the in-game radio on, not unlike several Cyberpunk 2077 mods that overhaul Night City’s radio stations.

The mod, which YouTuber Lb8068 created, first showed up on NexusMods in 2015, before suddenly vanishing not long after. Lb8068 said they reformatted their PC and didn’t have a backup of the files saved. Someone else did, though, a Twitter user who goes by UsagiCola.

“I just happened to have it saved and helped archive it,” they said. “I knew this day would come. I’m just glad he's out there again, even if my mentions have had to suffer today lol.”

Which might explain why their Twitter account is private now. Elder Scrolls YouTuber MickeyD posted some footage on Twitter and tagged UsagiCola, and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst even noticed. Durst reposted the tweet with a “Nice,” which didn’t do Usagi’s mentions any favors.

If you’re keen on listening to some early 2000s classic nu metal in your 2010 RPG, you can download the mod from a Google Drive file MickeyD put together.