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PSA: Get your free new Final Fantasy 14 emote before it's gone


Square Enix is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a new Final Fantasy 14 emote, and you can get it for free in the MMO game while the event lasts. Sorry, celebrating “Valentione’s Day,” Eorzea’s version of the day that extols the virtue of all love in its many forms.

Completing this year’s event earns you the Heart emoji, which sees your character make a glowing pink heart above their chest. It’s no emissary outfit glam like we got last year, but it sure is cute.

Final Fantasy 14's Valentione emissaries are performing the new heart emote

They heart you

2024’s Valentione’s Day takes place in Gridania again, and Astrid is once more the star of the show. Like most of Final Fantasy 14’s seasonal celebrations, you need to reach at least level 15 and complete the level 15 quest “It’s Probably Pirates,” the quest that unlocks dungeons and the duty system and ends what counts as FF14’s tutorial. 

The Valentione’s Day event lasts through Feb. 21, 2024, at 10 a.m. PT, so if you’re new to the game, you’ve got plenty of time to reach that point. It ends the day the FF14 Xbox beta starts, so if you’re hoping to play through the event on your fresh, new account, that won’t be possible.

Square Enix may add the emote to the Mogstation store after the event ends, though, as they've done for previous limited-time rewards, including last year's outfit.

These seasonal events are short and usually just involve traveling to a few places and speaking with people, with perhaps some combat, depending on the situation. They’re light and fun, and Square Enix often uses them to sneak wholesome messages in. 2023’s Valentione’s Day put the spotlight on loving yourself no matter what your personality and preferences are.