The FFXIV Yo-kai Watch event is back with new rewards

Of mounts and minions

It’s been a long while, but the FFXIV Yo-kai Watch event is back, with a chance to earn Yo-kai-themed mounts, minions, and weapon skins in the MMO game – if you’re willing to put in the effort. Like Level-5’s defunct RPG series, most of the event involves grinding.

On the bright side, you’re grinding FATES, so you’re getting a healthy chunk of experience for your time and trouble. The FFXIV Yo-kai Watch event runs until the Dawntrail expansion maintenance begins, likely near the end of June 2024.

Unlike the FFXIV-FFXVI crossover event, the Yo-kai Watch celebration is one that even newbies can take part in. All you need is to reach level 15 and complete one of the Envoy quests in Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa. Head to Ul’dah, and speak with the Poor-Heeled Youth in the courtyard outside the Aetherite Plaza. He’ll give you a Yo-ki Watch, and all you need to do from there is equip it and start clearing some FATES.

FATES are marked with blue circles and pink icons on your map, though you might find one that only has a pink icon.

Completing FATEs with a silver or gold rank will earn you Yo-kai Medals, which you can exchange at the Manderville Gold Saucer for Yo-kai minions, including Jibanyan, Komasan, Manjimutt, and Lord Ananta – but only when you collect at least 13 of the available 17. You’ll also get a unique mount shaped like Whisper. Mounts can fly once you reach Heavensward, so it has a much more pleasing floaty, ghost-like effect then.

Getting all 17 Yo-kai medals earns you a Yo-kai Watch-themed frame for your poster.

On top of that, you can get weapon skins themed after specific Yo-kai. You’ll need legendary Yo-kai Medals for that, and you can only get them in specific FATEs if you have the accompanying Yo-kai minion summoned – so, Robonyan for the metal, Robonyan-themed weapons, and so on. Check the Yo-kai compendium for specifics about which FATE gives you which legendary medal.

If you get 13 of the 17 Yo-kai weapons, you’ll earn a revamped Whisper mount, and getting all 17 rewards you with the Jibanyan Couch mount.

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