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FIFA 23 is now limiting the World Cup Tokens players can earn

Players grinding for World Cup Swap Tokens in FIFA 23 are pretty disappointed by this move from EA Sports
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In a controversial move, FIFA 23 is now limiting the amount of World Cup Swap Tokens that can be earned by players, angering many fans.

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is underway, and to celebrate EA Sports added several FIFA Ultimate Team packs and cards to the game. Players can earn up to 50 World Cup Swap Tokens by completing World Cup-related challenges, with one Swap Token for every challenge, and several tokens required to trade them for actual cards.

The World Cup is underway, but it's causing controversy in FIFA 23.

The World Cup is underway, but it's causing controversy in FIFA 23.

With the Golden Goal option switched on, it allows players to get Swap Tokens after the first goal in the match, ending games quickly, and racking up Swap Tokens fast.

But a new update that dropped on November 28 has now restricted the number of matches that can be attempted per hour, including failed challenge attempts. This means you can now only attempt 10 matches per hour, harshly limiting the number of Swap Tokens players can earn while Golden Goal is on.

This is believed to have been done to curb bot farming – bots farm Swap Tokens to earn high-priced FUT cards, which are then sold in online black markets. But it’s also affecting real players.

Despite concerns and complaints from the most avid FUT players, EA Sports seems to have no intention of reversing the decision.