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Update (May 25, 2023): The servers for FIFA 23 seem to be down once again. EA is aware of this and has begun an investigation.

Update May 4 @2pm ET: EA has confirmed that FIFA and FUT servers have been restored, with players reporting that online services are now working across most games.

Original story:

FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team servers are currently down, with users across all platforms reporting that they’re unable to connect to the game’s online features in any capacity. EA has confirmed the outage on Twitter, remarking that the company is investigating the issues.

Users started reporting outages in FIFA Ultimate Team at around 5am PT, with more players reporting issues in the half hour following. It seems to affect FIFA 23 primarily, but some players on older versions of FIFA have also reported issues. EA Sports confirmed the issues on Twitter.

“We are investigating reports of some players being unable to connect to EA Servers and will provide an update in this thread when available,” the notice reads.

Players have reported that attempting to purchase packs in FUT can cause crashes, while others have reported being unable to open previously purchased packs. All online matches are affected, and players are unable to engage with any online features in the game.

DownDetector also reports that some other EA services, like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, are also experiencing intermittent issues, but it’s unknown if this is related to FIFA’s issues. It’s not known how many other games are affected, but the majority of the issues seem to be surrounding FIFA and FUT.

The reason for the outage is not known, but we do know that it was not a scheduled outage for maintenance. If similar to other outages in the past, it could be hours before servers are restored, and longer still until full functionality returns.

EA Sports has not provided an estimated time of restoration for FIFA, but says that it will update its Twitter thread when the issue is resolved. Likewise, we will update this article when servers come back online.