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The Final Fantasy 9 Remake “is real and happening,” games journalist Jeff Grubb has recently stated on a podcast, bringing back rumors that had initially begun with a big leak from NVIDIA’s database last year.

That particular leak contained a list of what people thought were upcoming games – and it’s been confirmed that the information therein is at least somewhat authentic, since several of the titles mentioned have since then been announced or even released. These include Resident Evil 4 Remake, Kingdom Hearts 4, the God of War PC port, Cities Skylines 2, Tekken 8, and the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

While it’s certainly nowhere near an official confirmation and should still be taken with a grain of salt, the amount of correct information in that previous leak and the recent resurfacing of those rumors do point towards this project being in the works.

Jedd Grubb warned, however, that the Final Fantasy 9 Remake “isn’t quite as ambitious” as the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, though it’s unclear what exactly that will mean in practice.

Originally released in 2000 for the original PlayStation, Square Enix created several ports of Final Fantasy 9 for various consoles from PS3 to Xbox One and mobile devices, so this would by no means be the game’s first exhumation from the digital grave.