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After over a month of grueling voting and decision-making, the Final Fantasy community has decided once and for all who their favorite character is: Vivi. This vote took place on the r/FinalFantasy subreddit, taking the form of an elimination tournament.

Fans are given the choice between almost all of the important Final Fantasy characters and many votes on their least favorite. In each round, the character(s) with the most votes is eliminated and the process starts again until there is just one winner.

The first round started out simple enough with characters like Desch (FF3), Leila (FF2), and Minwu (FF2) getting a clear majority early on and being eliminated in the first round, but the choices became more difficult as time went on. Although, the final four came down quite predictably in the end.

Alongside Vivi were three of the most beloved characters from Final Fantasy 7: Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa. Given the game’s status as a mainstream icon, you would expect one of these FF7 characters to win out, but the fanbase didn’t let that happen.

First of all, Aerith was eliminated by just six votes, then Cloud dropped out leaving Tifa and Vivi in the final, where the fans voted 60% to 40% for Tifa's elimination, crowning Vivi as the best character in the series.

There’s no mistaking Vivi when you see them, this black mage from Final Fantasy 9 has a strange aura around him, leaving him with no visible face and instead just two massive yellow eyes glowing out of the darkness, covered up by a simple suit and massive wizard’s hat.

That alone is enough to justify his placement as the series’ best character, but his clumsy and shy personality is sure to charm you if you aren’t already convinced.