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PDP may be teasing new instrument controllers for Fortnite Festival

Fortnite Festival could be a blessing for the rhythm game community
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Controller manufacturer PDP, which produces officially licensed gamepads and accessories for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, has seemingly teased brand-new instrumental controllers.

“Rock On this January,” the social media post says. The message includes emojis of a tent, a crescent moon, music notes, a guitar, and a gamepad – fans have interpreted these as teasing officially licensed Fortnite Festival instrumental controllers. The PDP account actually liked one of those interpretations, so people seem to be on the money by reading the tent and the moon as “fort” and “night.”

Image showing the silhouette of an electric guitar.

PDP seems to be teasing a run of instrument controllers for Fortnite Festival.

Not that it’s a very hard guess – this newly released Fortnite game mode is one of the hottest and biggest rhythm games now on the market. Created by Rock Band studio Harmonix, which was acquired by Epic Games in November 2021, Fortnite Festival is one of the three free game modes recently released for Fortnite alongside LEGO Fortnite and Rocket Racing.

Alex Rigopulos, the creative director at Harmonix, just recently said that instrument controller support was a big priority for the team working on Fortnite Festival, so bringing PDP on board might be one step of this program.

It’s been a while since a big brand came out with new and – hopefully – affordable instrumental controllers of good quality, so fans of rhythm games are pretty excited about this development, even if they’re not into Fortnite Festival specifically.

Harmonix stated that it would continue to work on Fortnite Festival in the future, so fans can expect a steady flow of feature updates and fresh content for the game.