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Fortnite fans have been expecting Chapter 3's Season 4 to end on December 3, but Epic Games caught  everybody off guard with today's announcement that the next event will also mark the end of the whole chapter.

Fortnite has had a total of 22 seasons so far, split into three chapters. The first two chapters ran for about two years each, so the announced end of Chapter 3, just a year after its launch, makes it twice as short and the shortest one to date.

It is not clear why Epic Games has decided to pull the plug on this chapter so quickly, but fans should already be looking forward to the next one.


As every new chapter, Fortnite's Chapter 4 is expected to bring a new map, and with it, some brand-new mechanics. Beyond that, official information and rumours about upcoming content have been scarce, so we still have to wait and see what's coming to the game.

Chapter 3 didn't bring too many gameplay changes, but the previous Chapter 2 introduced swimming and fishing, so the new chapter's surprise early release could mean another new big feature might be ready to appear in Fortnite.