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Fortnite LEGO sets claimed to be set for early 2024 release

A different kind of crossover
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Fortnite has pretty much done crossover events with everything under the sun, but the game’s own original characters haven’t really made a great impression on other forms of media. This may change in early 2024, at least according to reliable Fortnite leaker Shiina, who reported a potential Fortnite LEGO set to come out next year.

Apparently, Fortnite’s unofficial mascot, a colorful Llama, will be part of these releases. Other leaked sets include one called “The Seven Outpost” and contains a minifigure of Spider-Man as well as a figure The Foundation, a legendary skin in the game. Lore-wise, the LEGO sets for Fortnite seem to be focusing on the events around the ominous Zero Point, one of the game’s longest-lasting story lines. Black-clad agents belonging to the same narrative phase can be seen in another leaked image.

Fortnite The Foundation skin.

The Foundation skin might become a LEGO minifigure.

Alongside the release of real-life LEGO toys, this collaboration will very likely feature a large in-game component as well.

Rumors around such a big LEGO x Fortnite crossover have been in circulation for quite a while after data miners found hints towards it back in June 2023. And it just makes sense, doesn’t it? Given both Fortnite and LEGO’s history of cooperating with huge brands, Fortnite’s popularity with LEGO’s key audience, and the game’s building mechanics, this seems like a match made in heaven.

It’s noteworthy as well that KIRKBI, the family-owned holding and investment company behind LEGO, invested $1 billion USD in Epic Games back in 2022 alongside Sony.

Keep in mind that these are just leaks for now, even though they stem from sources with a reliable track record. We’ll likely hear more about this as the year closes in on its end, in case these rumors and leaks do indeed have a foundation in the truth.