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Launching a few weeks ago, the new Fortnite Ranked system is officially in Season Zero, which the developers are treating as a trial period of sorts. Replacing the old competitive system, players can rise the ranks each season to be invited to compete in Fortnite events and tournaments by ranking highly.

However, the system is still under development and this Season Zero is intended to last all the way until the start of Chapter 4 Season 4 so things can be tweaked and smoothed over.

With the big Fortnite Wilds update today, we got the first round of major changes to the system, along with a full rank reset for all players.

Fortnite Ranked changes – Fortnite v25.00

Fortnite Ranked logo

The first major change was actually implemented last week, and that is the reactivation of trios mode. It was originally disabled to bolster the queues for other modes, but the backlash from fans has caused the team to bring it back to non-ranked gameplay only.

The team has found issues with queues though, specifically with players who ranked very highly very quickly, as they often found there weren’t enough players of their skill level to make a match. For now, the restrictions around ranked matchmaking have been loosened so that highly skilled players can still regularly get matches – however the team stated they’re still working on refinements to this system, and the current solution is a temporary fix.

There has also been a feeling among the community that reaching Unreal – the highest rank – is too easy. To help with this, Elite and Champion ranks have been tweaked to have a higher entry threshold to ensure that those in the top few ranks are truly the elite players.

Finally, all players will be getting a full rank reset in update v25.10, which should be released in a couple of weeks. This is so the team can do a test run of resetting ranks as they intend to do at the end of every full season, with players’ final rank in this season determining their starting rank in the next.