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Fortnite Rocket Racing will get a track editor

Now this is rocket racing!
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It’s an exciting time for Fortnite, because the brand-new and extremely popular LEGO Fortnite is not the only fresh game on what we now have to call a platform – Rocket Racing is along for the ride as well, essentially combining the unlimited creativity of Fortnite with the adrenaline-pumping speed of Rocket League, taking the best of both Epic Games properties. If Fortnite LEGO can be called a take on Minecraft, then Rocket Racing is Fortnite’s version of Mario Kart.

Rocket Racing is launching with over 20 original tracks across three different biomes, but that is by far not the end of it. Epic Games will not only continue to support the game by publishing new biomes, a track editor will be added in the future to allow players to make their own circuits.

Fortnite Rocket Racing track

You can come up with something more fun? The track editor will allow you to build it.

This is really where Epic Games’ work on Fortnite – and Unreal Engine – over the years shines, as the company can supply players with very powerful and yet accessible tools to enable them to get creative themselves. The availability of high-quality custom content is great for the health of the game over the long run in addition to decreasing the pressure on Epic Games to deliver more content itself – it’s a win-win scenario.

For first impressions on Fortnite’s Rocket Racing mode, check out our linked hands-on preview of the title. Mechanically interesting and full of fun, it’s poised to be another hit.