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Nintendo is confirmed to attend Gamescom 2023 in Cologne, Germany, which is set to take place from August 23 to 27. Gamescom is Europe’s largest convention focused on video games and was able to return from the enforced pandemic break without any big issues, incorporating a show hosted by Geoff Keighley into its regular program to enhance its global online presence.

Nintendo had no intention of attending the now canceled E3 in Los Angeles, California, which had been scheduled for a few weeks prior to Gamescom. In combination with the fact that Nintendo’s biggest releases of the year will all be out on the market by August, we may be in for an exciting series of announcements at the event – otherwise the company would have little reason to seek a presence in Cologne.

This will be a long-awaited return of Nintendo to Gamescom’s halls, as the Japanese company hasn’t attended the expo since 2019. Nintendo’s last outing at Gamescom had the company showing off a number of yet-to-be-released games, such as Luigi’s Mansion 3, Astral Chain, and Dragon Quest XI S. Whether the company intends to do the same at Gamescom in 2023 is anyone’s guess, but you’d expect that if they’re making an effort to show up after 4 years away, they probably have something planned.

The confirmation of Nintendo’s attendance came from the convention’s organizers and accompanied the official start of ticket sales to the event. As of the time of publishing, no other major publishers have announced their presence, but it’s a safe bet we’ll start to see others trickling in over the coming months in the leadup to the event.

One thing we do know for sure is that Geoff Keighley, apparently the center of the entire games industry, will be hosting the Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live event. Opening Night Live typically shows off a host of new trailers and products, with last year’s event showing off Dead Island 2, the DualSense Edge, and giving a release date for Gotham Knights.