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Genshin Impact 4.1 will feature new Adventure Encounters as alternative for Daily Commissions

Genshin Impact is getting some more of that Honkai: Star Rail magic
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Developer HoYoverse has announced some quality of life improvements coming to Genshin Impact 4.1, the update slated to be released towards the end of September 2023. Some of these are already present in Honkai: Star Rail, where players have been more than happy with them, so it’s great to see the developers expand such improvements over more of their games.

In Honkai: Star Rail, players can do more than just a daily quest to earn small amounts of the important in-game currency Stellar Jade, whereas Genshin Impact players need to complete four Daily Commissions to earn Primogems. These times are ending with update 4.1 and the introduction of the Adventure Encounters. “Starting from Version 4.1, after Travelers complete a quest, participate in an event, carry out exploration, and collect materials, Travelers will earn Encounter Points,” a developer diary states. “These points can be exchanged for the same rewards as from Daily Commissions.”

Genshin Impact Fontaine character designs.

"What are you reading, Wriothesley?" "Oh, just the list of upcoming improvements."

Players will be able to mix completing Daily Commissions and using Encounter Points to claim their four daily rewards. This should help to minimize the fatigue players feel in periods when the game has a lot going on, for example when a new region launches. It can be pretty daunting to have all this new content, some being time-limited, while still wanting to do the Dailies for the Primogem reward. This change will streamline the process greatly.

Update 4.1 will come with a few improvements for newer players as well.

Looking further into the future, the developers have announced that they are working on ways to simplify activities like expeditions, forging, and cooking. In essence, these things will require less clicks once these changes have been implemented. It’s the same deal for artifact enhancement: Right now, getting an artifact upgraded takes a lot of unnecessary clicks and time. HoYoverse wants to change this by adding an automation feature players can use to upgrade their artifacts to certain levels – 4, 8, 12, and 16 – very quickly. Character level-ups and ascensions will be unified on a single page in the menu as well.

HoYoverse hasn’t communicated when this last batch of changes will go live just yet – it’s going to be update 4.2 at the earliest, though.