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Genshin Impact’s Chenyu Vale may be the final chance to loot rare weapons

Make sure to lock those regional drops
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Liyue has been greatly expanded in Genshin Impact update 4.4 with the addition of Chenyu Vale, an area to the northwest of the country connecting it to Fontaine via a narrow ocean strait. New exploration is always welcome, as it yields more chests with Primogems and other items such as 3-Star weapons. You may not think about these much, other than them being good fodder to use in upgrades for stronger gear. However, with Chenyu Vale possibly being the final expansion to Liyue, there is a reason to pay attention to those looted weapons.

Chests in Mondstadt and Liyue actually contain 3-Star weapons that cannot be crafted, bought, or pulled from banners – looting them from treasure chests is the only way to get them, which means if you’ve fully explored a region and accidentally used all those exclusive weapons as upgrade fodder, you’re out of luck.

Genshin Impact White Tassel screenshot.

Weapons like the White Tassel can only be obtained through chests.

While they are mere 3-Star weapons, this rarity gives them a certain status as collectibles – plus, there is always the miniscule chance of these particular weapons becoming the best possible equipment for future characters. Granted, those odds are very low indeed.

Still, if you want the full collection of Liyue weapons, ideally all refined to the maximum level, the chests in Chenyu Vale may well be your final chance. There is technically another area of Liyue attested to in the lore, but it’s currently unclear whether we’ll ever get it as a playable region, so better be safe than sorry.

These are the Liyue-exclusive weapons:

  • Fillet Blade (3-Star sword) – one of these can be obtained by talking to Amenoma Tougo in Inazuma.
  • Skyrider Greatsword (3-Star claymore) – one of these can be obtained in Guyun Stone Forest, where it’s stuck in a rock.
  • Halberd (3-Star polearm) – chests only.
  • White Tassel (3-Star polearm) – chests only.
  • Twin Nephrite (3-Star catalyst) – chests only.
  • Messenger (3-Star bow) – chests only.

These weapons can be found in chests of the Exquisite quality and higher. After obtaining them, make sure to use the lock function in the inventory to safely store at least one specimen of each type – this will ensure that they won’t be used as fodder material when you use the auto-add function to upgrade gear. All of these weapons drop randomly from chest, so best of luck!