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For Genshin Impact players, the release of Honkai: Star Rail was a bit of an eye-opener – the new HoYoverse game seemed to have gotten all the quality-of-life features that players of the studio’s flagship title have been coveting for years at this point, such as the ability to experience previous time-limited events.

HoYoverse has now responded to the Genshin Impact community: “We hear you!” In an unusual move – perhaps to take the eyes off an astoundingly huge leak of artwork, detailing upcoming characters and locations – the developers have made a public announcement listing a series of quality-of-life updates they are planning to implement.

Version 4.0, due to arrive later this year, will bring the layered maps Honkai: Star Rail already has over to Genshin Impact, which will make navigating the multi-layered underground areas, which have been a frequent feature of Sumeru and its sub-regions, a lot simpler.

Even earlier, in the upcoming update 3.8, the developers will introduce some improvements in regards to quest tracking: Players will be able to navigate directly to the point of the map where their next quest takes place from their mission menu – another welcome addition from space.

Additionally, a feature will be added that assists you in doing your Daily Commissions: While working on your four dailies, the game will automatically track the closest Daily Commission after you’ve completed the previous one.

An improvement for Hangout Events is planned as well: After you’ve finished the mission, you’ll get the option to directly go back to the Hangout Memory menu to explore the other narrative options – at the moment, you have to navigate there manually, which is a bit of a pain.

In the longer term, the developers are working on another issue players have been frustrated with: You can’t start certain quests when characters are currently occupied by another mission they’re in, which means you sometimes get into situations where you need to work off a backlog of quests simply to get a character unstuck for what you’re actually trying to do.

To remedy this, HoYoverse will allow players to unlock new Story Quests without actually starting them directly, which will avoid the issue of players piling up additional Story Quests and character blocks. The team is also looking into removing the whole preoccupation business in general, though that might be a larger project.

Finally, HoYoverse announced it was looking into making more time-limited events into permanent game modes after seeing many requests to do so from players.