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Genshin Impact’s newest playable character, the Knights of Favonius’ land surveyor Mika, is going to be nerfed once the next update for the RPG comes around.

HoYoverse stated on its community site that Mika’s Charged Attack is currently bugged and requires less Stamina to activate than intended, which is usually a cost of 25 Stamina for polearm wielders:

“There is an issue with Mika whereby the Stamina consumed for his Charged Attack is erroneous. The Stamina Cost is currently 20, and will be corrected to 25 subsequently. This issue will be fixed in the update on March 20, and we will issue compensation accordingly. Please stay tuned for future notices regarding the updated content and corresponding compensation.”

The key word many players are looking at here is “compensation” – traditionally, HoYoverse will gift users some Primogems as an apology for bugs or glitches impacting their game experience. Usually, these will be given out once the next game version has been released, so players might reasonably expect an amount of 100 to 300 Primogems to be issued as compensation once version 3.6 of Genshin Impact rolls out.

The Stamina Cost change is unlikely to impact Mika all too negatively, as he is mostly a Support character and should never be used to attack anyways as his personal damage is extremely low. Instead, Mika is best used as a Support on physical damage teams, since he can buff this type of damage as well as heal party members.

Mika joined the game’s roster of playable characters on March 21, 2023, when Phase 2 of the ongoing version 3.5 started. The 4-star character is available from both the Kamisato Ayaka and Shenhe banners at the moment and will remain so until update 3.6 hits on April 11, 2023.