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HoYoverse, the publisher of Genshin Impact, is currently investigating what kind of impact the planned Twitter API changes might have on players using their Twitter accounts to log in to the game.

While it’s not clear at the moment if any problems will arise from these changes, you should definitely consider visiting the official HoYoverse website to link an email address to your account.

This will ensure that you will still have access to your account even if the login service via Twitter is no longer available. Otherwise, you might risk losing your progress, which would be especially frustrating if you’ve invested real money into your account.

Twitter has announced that starting February 9, 2023, it will no longer allow free access to its API – a step that could disable many services using it. One would think that HoYoverse already pays for the premium access to Twitter’s API, which should remain the same even after February 9, but seeing how the company needs to investigate the issue first, it might well use the free API.

An API, short for Application Programming Interface, allows third parties to access data related to its origin service, in this case Twitter. That’s useful to build bots and applications for the site. Twitter expects everyone wanting to provide or run such services on its platform to pay for the premium API access.

So, to avoid the small risk of losing all your playable Genshin Impact characters together with all the other stuff that’s bound to your account, better switch your login method and link an email to your account now.