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Genshin Impact job openings hint at new mode featuring user-generated content

HoYoverse is looking for devs with UGC experience
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HoYoverse may be cooking up something big for Genshin Impact. According to job openings at the Shanghai-based studio, it’s looking to recruit people familiar with games that feature editors and user-generated content such as Minecraft, Roblox, WarCraft 3, and Dota 2, preferably with experience in creating content inside those games (thanks to reddit user limesonic for spotting).

This particular role’s responsibilities would consist of cultivating a base of creators to produce content and cooperate with the core development team to provide these users with functioning editing tools and ensure that their feedback is delivered back to the right places. They’d also have to promote user-generated content among the wider player base.

Genshin Impact screenshot of Xianyun in battle.

Genshin Impact has a player base that's large, dedicated, and creative enough to make a push for user-generated content work.

A different position is looking for a candidate to build up infrastructure and systems to test the quality of user-generated content and provide creators with feedback on how to improve their work.

Another role is more focused on the community aspect and would be tasked with organizing events around user-generated content, highlighting creations, and so on.

An advertisement for these openings emphasizes the importance of this project, saying it’s at least as important as the main game – though we may take that with a grain of salt, since this advertisement would say something like this to motivate people to apply, wouldn’t it?

HoYoverse previously mentioned that more endgame content for Genshin Impact was something the studio wanted to do and players have been particularly fond of in-game events enabling them to create content such as platforming stages. Putting two and two together, we may be looking at hints towards a permanent Genshin Impact mode that incorporates user-generated content.

Aside from time-limited events, Genshin Impact already contains a feature that puts editing tools in the hands of players: the Serenitea Pot. It allows them to decorate their own houses and even construct little villages. While popular, the mode suffers from a tight limit on how many objects a player can place in their creations, which heavily limits creativity.