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Genshin Impact 4.5 banners: Chiori debuts

Every new and returning character coming with the update
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Version 4.5 of Genshin Impact is knocking at the gates and has something very special in tow – an update to the anime game’s banner system. Here’s what you need to know: A new banner type will be available from update 4.5 onwards, which will feature characters from one specific region of Teyvat, beginning with Mondstadt. It’s expected that the featured region will be rotated with each update.

Genshin Impact is quickly approaching the milestone of having 100 playable characters, which means that even with the permanent standard banner and four limited banners being available every update, players have to wait many months before a unit they desire becomes obtainable once again. This additional banner is meant to help in this respect, giving users another way to access older characters they may have missed in the past or want to upgrade.

Other than the introduction of this new banner type, things remain the same: We have the good old standard banner and four limited banners each patch, two in every half of a version. When it comes to update 4.5, you can look forward to one brand-new 5-Star character with Chiori.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Genshin Impact 4.5 character banners.

Genshin Impact Update 4.5 artwork with Chiori and Kirara.

Update 4.5 comes with the debut of Chiori as a playable character.

Genshin Impact 4.5 banners: Phase 1

Starting on March 13, 2024, with update 4.5’s launch, you’ll be able to call upon the following characters:

  • Banner #1: Chiori (5-Star character, sword, Geo), Gorou (4-Star character, bow, Geo), Yun Jin (4-Star character, polearm, Geo), and Dori (4-Star character, claymore, Electro).
  • Banner #2: Arataki Itto (5-Star character, claymore, Geo), Gorou (4-Star character, bow, Geo), Yun Jin (4-Star character, polearm, Geo), and Dori (4-Star character, claymore, Electro).
Genshin Impact Chiori artwork.
Genshin Impact Itto artwork.
A young woman wearing a traditional opera costume.
Artwork of a pink-haired girl with sunglasses.

Genshin Impact 4.5 banners: Phase 2

After a duration of three weeks, the banners will change at the halfway point of the game version on April 3, 2024. That’ll make the following characters available:

  • Banner #3: Neuvillette (5-Star character, catalyst, Hydro) and three 4-Star characters.
  • Banner #4: Kaedehara Kazuha (5-Star character, sword, Anemo) and three 4-Star characters.
Genshin Impact Neuvillette artwork.
Artwork depicting Genshin Impact's Kazuha.

Genshin Impact 4.5 banners: Chronicled Wish

During version 4.5's first half, you can obtain the following characters from the brand-new regional banner:

  • 5-Star characters: Albedo (5-Star character, sword, Geo), Eula (5-Star character, claymore, Cryo), Mona (5-Star character, catalyst, Hydro), Klee (5-Star character, catalyst, Pyro), Diluc (5-Star character, claymore, Pyro), Jean (5-Star character, sword, Anemo).
  • 4-Star characters: Mika (4-Star character, polearm, Cryo), Rosaria (4-Star character, polearm, Cryo), Sucrose (4-Star character, catalyst, Anemo), Diona (4-Star character, bow, Cryo), Noelle (4-Star character, claymore, Geo), Bennett (4-Star character, sword, Pyro), Fischl (4-Star character, bow, Electro), Amber (4-Star character, bow, Pyro), Razor (4-Star character, claymore, Electro), Kaeya (4-Star character, sword, Cryo), Barbara (4-Star character, catalyst, Hydro), Lisa (4-Star character, catalyst, Electro).
Albedo from Genshin Impact.
Genshin Impact Eula artwork.
Genshin Impact Mona artwork.
Genshin Impact Klee artwork.
Genshin Impact Diluc artwork.

The Chronicled Wish will also contain 5-Star weapons and allow players to steer their wishes akin to the Epitomized Path found on the time-limited weapon banner.

Three weeks after Phase 2 of version 4.5 started, update 4.6 will arrive in the game with the next wave of character and weapon banners.