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Helldivers 2 server issues persist after latest update

Helldivers 2's player base continues to grow, but the servers still aren't up to handling it

Helldivers 2 has proved popular since its launch last week, so popular that the game’s servers aren’t quite up to the task of carrying the player base just yet.

Several different issues have been reported since the game’s launch, with servers often refusing to let players log in, matchmaking regularly failing, and even when players do get in and play a few missions, they don’t receive the rewards they’re owed.

The team behind the game has been working on a bunch of attempts to fix the servers, with the latest round of “rapid fixes” coming over the weekend. In an update on February 12, the developers explained that they managed to increase the capacity of the server from 250,000 concurrent players to 360,000, but that still isn’t enough, as the player count exceeded that after roughly five minutes of the servers going back online.

In the same statement, the team also explains that the issue of rewards not being handed out has been “mitigated but not resolved”, meaning that while the issue will be less prevalent now, it’s not gone altogether, and there’s still a risk of rewards not being tracked properly by the game’s servers.

There is still no exact time frame for when the issue is expected to be fixed, but the statement ends with offering apologies and assuring fans that the team is working on it as a top priority. This latest update has shown that things will get better over time, and if you’re attempting to play now, it will be easier to get online than it was last week.