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IO Interactive, the developer behind the fantastic rebooted Hitman series, revealed in February that it was working on a new online fantasy RPG. At the time, details were very light, but new information has come to light that suggests the upcoming game might be an Xbox exclusive.

As reported by Eurogamer, documents submitted in the FTC’s lawsuit against Microsoft show that the game is reportedly being called Project Dragon internally, and that it’s probably going to be exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PC.

One document, which addressed companies Microsoft was considering acquiring, showed a list of IO Interactive’s prior and upcoming releases, including Project Dragon and IO’s 007 game. It also listed the Hitman games, which seems to be prior to the consolidation of those games into one package called World of Assassination.

The 007 game has its platforms listed as “TBD”, but Project Dragon has both PC and “X/S” listed, suggesting the game, like all Xbox exclusive games, will also come to PC. Windows Central previously reported that the game may be published by Xbox Game Studios, and it seems like that may come to fruition with this latest information.

At the time of announcement, IO Interactive said the upcoming fantasy game was inspired by things like the Fighting Fantasy books, which were choose-your-own-adventure books that had fantasy RPG elements. The company also said that it had all of its studios working on the new game, including its studios in Copenhagen, Malmö, and Barcelona.

Unfortunately, that was all the information we got about the game. No title, no release date, and officially, no platform has been announced so far. The court documents do give us one small detail though, as they list the game’s genre as “RPG Shooter”. We can think of a number of things that could mean – maybe it’s like Destiny, maybe it’s a little more like Anthem – but one thing’s for sure: we likely won’t be hearing much about the game for a long time.