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Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch is already out in some places

Port apparently runs pretty well
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Officially slated to be released on November 14, 2023, Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch apparently was put out for sale a week early by some retailers, as one social media user has reported. They were able to grab a copy of the port today and get started, though apparently some advanced content will need to be downloaded from the eShop. Naturally, that’s not yet possible due to the game not having launched officially at this point.

Recording themselves playing in handheld mode, the user showed off one part of the opening sequence of the game, which appears to run pretty well on the device. Players had long cast a doubt on the developer’s ability to actually make the demanding game run on the Switch, which in terms of hardware is by far the least impressive platform the title will be available on.

While this short bit of early game footage is encouraging, the opening sequence isn’t exactly the most demanding bit of the title – the portions happening at Hogwarts itself have caused most of the performance issues on other platforms, so we’ll have to wait and see how the Switch will handle those stretches.

Naturally, the visuals look far less impressive on the Switch due to everything being scaled down, but overall this seems to be a well done port judging from the few scenes we’ve seen. Check out our Hogwarts Legacy comparison for PS5 and PS4 to get another taste of what you can expect on the Switch.

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