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The stats for Hogwarts Legacy keep getting better: after storming the pre-order charts on Steam, breaking a viewership record on Twitch, and almost reaching a peak of almost 900,000 players on Steam, the sales charts from the UK paint an even brighter picture.

Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest ever launch among Harry Potter video games in the UK, reports It beats out 2001’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone on physical sales both during launch week (by 60%) as well as the game’s second week (by 2%), which was its biggest saleswise due to the hype around the movie. That doesn’t even include Hogwarts Legacy’s digital sales yet, which are guaranteed to make the margin of victory even more impressive.

Hogwarts Legacy also tops Elden Ring’s launch week sales by about 80% – though last year’s celebrated open-world RPG had a great digital start, so we’ll have to wait for additional numbers before making a final comparison. Hogwarts Legacy beating the FromSoftware title, despite the hype around it, isn’t exactly a shocker, though, considering how big of a media franchise Harry Potter is.

Among consoles, PS5 beat Xbox Series X|S with 82% of Hogwarts Legacy sales, which again is not a shocker, considering Xbox is stronger digitally and those numbers are still missing, and the PS5 has simply sold a lot more units in the UK. Hogwarts Legacy also contains some exclusive content for Sony’s console, Haunted Hogsmeade quest, which is one of the best missions in the game. PS5 players might also be interested in the best Hogwarts Legacy PS5 settings to find the best compromise between graphical fidelity and performance.

Hogwarts Legacy claimed the top spot of the UK’s boxed sales charts with this great start, with usual top-sitter FIFA 23 banished to third place – God of War Ragnarök managed to clinch silver thanks to a PS5 bundle that includes it.

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