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Devious Honkai: Star Rail writer warns fans that things will get darker in 2.1

After the “heartwarming” events in version 2.0
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HoYoverse’s most infamous staff member, Honkai: Star Rail writer Shaoji, once again appeared on an official livestream and dropped some remarks that triggered alarm bells among those fans who are familiar with his work.

Known for creating one of the most emotional arcs in Honkai Impact 3rd, Shaoji famously trolled players by claiming that the story of Honkai: Star Rail 2.0 would be “very heartwarming and very uplifting.” Without spoiling anything in particular: He lied.

HoYoverse played this up during the latest livestream with the host calling out Shaoji for his lies in a joking manner. Naturally, the writer had some excuses prepared, saying it was all just down to miscommunication – he meant that the complete storyline of Penacony would reflect what he said, not version 2.0 in particular.

Honkai: Star Rail writer Shaoji sitting on a sofa explaining something.

A devious genius at work: Shaoji is preparing players for more twists and turns on Penacony.

Even if you’re inclined to trust this man – you shouldn’t, because he’s a lovable troll – it looks like things will get darker before they change into a more wholesome direction. Shaoji gave a fair warning to players about which tone the upcoming events would have: “Compared to version 2.0, the Trailblaze Mission in 2.1 may not be as easy-breezy and light-hearted, I think?”

This does not bode well, especially paired with the update 2.1 trailer and some of its dramatic scenes.

Shaoji threw out some other bait as well, in particular regarding Gallagher, one of the upcoming characters in update 2.1. We briefly met the detective during 2.0’s story, where he seemed to be one of the more helpful people we encountered – however, some things about him didn’t add up. For example, why did none of the security staff on Penacony know the man who is apparently their boss?

If you thought Gallagher was suspicious, then Shaoji saying that Gallagher “is just so ordinary and plain, the most typical of Penacony locals” and that there was “nothing suspicious about him” should put you on high alert. “Gallagher is simple, modest, and reassuring,” he said. “He’s a character who best represents both Penacony and The Family, embodying the atmosphere of harmony at the Charmony Festival.”

Considering the absolute lack of harmony from the events so far and that The Family seems to have more than one body hidden in its backyard, it’s pretty safe to assume that Gallagher will be the source of some surprises in the upcoming story.

Honkai: Star Rail update 2.1 is set for release on March 27, 2024, for PC, PS5, iOS, and Android.