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Honkai: Star Rail – Huohuo revealed as update 1.5 character

Another 5-Star Abundance character joins the fray
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It’s a week of reveals for Honkai: Star Rail, as the update 1.4 livestream is scheduled for Friday, which in turn kickstarted the usual drip marketing for version 1.5. Our first announcement is that Huohuo, a 5-Star character following The Abundance and dealing Wind Damage will be part of update 1.5’s character banners.

Huohuo seems to be a bit of an unfortunate person: She fears ghosts and other supernatural beings and is not only tasked with hunting such existences down, but is even possessed by something called a heliobus. This ghost-like creature, which is embedded into the Foxian girl’s tail and gives it the appearance of being on fire, is named Tail and will apparently have its own voice lines.

Huohuo is voiced by Courtney Lin, while Tail is voiced by Adam Michael Gold.

Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo artwork.

Huohuo is a Foxian girl possessed by some sort of spirit creature.

Here’s the official description of Huohuo that accompanied her reveal:

"I can use this banner to dispel demons... but it also comes in handy when signaling my surrender..."

A pitiable and helpless Foxian girl who is also a Ten-Lords Commission Judge-in-training, who fears ghosts but must catch them. Due to having a heliobus named Tail sealed in her tail by the judges of the Ten-Lords Commission, she became a "cursed one" who attracts inhuman beings. She fears demons and heliobi, but contrarily is tasked with their capture and entrusted with the heavy task of eradicating vile spirits. Though she believes herself lacking in ability, she is unable to muster the courage to resign and continues onward despite walking in a valley of her own fear.

We’ve actually met quite a few heliobi on our journey so far: For example, the Wubbaboos on Herta Space Station are classified as such beings. Phantylia, the last boss we fought on the Luofu, may be such a being as well – if you remember, after her defeat she appeared as a small flame that Jing Yuan dispersed, which somewhat resembles Huohuo’s tail.

As an Abundance character, you should expect her to be a healing and support unit for your team. If HoYoverse is following the usual recipe, there should be at least one more character reveal this week.