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Honkai: Star Rail – Huohuo build and ascension guide

Check out the best Light Cones and Relics for Huohuo in Honkai: Star Rail
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Put to rest all evil spirits with the best Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo build, adding another powerful support character to your roster. This timid ghost hunter follows the Path of The Abundance, dealing Wind Damage with her attacks – but the offense is not her main purpose, of course.

Huohuo’s Skill, Talisman: Protection, dispels a debuff on the allied target, healing them based on Huohuo’s own maximum HP. Allies adjacent to the target are healed at the same time, though by a lower amount. Using her Skill activates her Talent, Possession: Ethereal Metaflow, giving her the Sacrificed Life status for two turns. Whenever an ally starts their turn or uses their Ultimate when Huohuo has Sacrificed Life, that ally regenerates HP based on Huohuo’s maximum HP. This effect additionally dispels a debuff on said ally and can be triggered up to six times. That trigger count is reset whenever Huohuo uses her Skill.

Her Ultimate, Trail: Spiritual Domination, regenerates the Energy of all party members aside from Huohuo as well as heavily buffing their Attack for two turns.

Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo character artwork.

Huohuo is possessed by a ghost-like heliobus, who lives in her tail.

Obtaining additional copies of Huohuo upgrades her Eidolon Levels, further boosting her power. Eidolon 1 lets Sacrificed Life last one turn longer and adds a Speed boost effect for all allies to the Talent. Eidolon 2 enables Huohuo to revive an ally that was knocked out while Sacrificed Life is active, an effect that can occur two times per battle. Eidolon 4 increases the healing from the Skill and Talent the less HP the target has. Finally, Eidolon 6 adds a damage buff to her healing, boosting the offensive capabilities of the target for two turns.

Honkai: Star Rail – Huohuo: best Light Cones

Huohuo has a really strong signature Light Cone, Night of Fright, which increases her Energy Regeneration Rate. In addition, it allows the wearer to immediately heal the ally with the lowest HP percentage when any ally uses their Ultimate. In addition, that ally’s Attack is boosted for two turns, which can stack up to five times. This Light Cone adds even more healing and support power to Huohuo.

Best Light Cones for Huohuo:

  • Night of Fright (5-Star)
  • Time Waits for No One (5-Star)
  • Warmth Shortens Cold Nights (4-Star)
  • Hey, Over Here (4-Star)
  • Shared Feeling (4-Star)
  • Post-Op Conversation (4-Star)
  • Cornucopia (3-Star)
Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo screenshot.

Ironically, Huohuo is an apprentice ghost hunter, she's confronted with her fears daily.

Honkai: Star Rail – Huohuo: best Relics

HP and Outgoing Healing are the two critical stats for Huohuo you’ll want to boost through Relics, as they will maximize her healing abilities. Speed is always a great attribute to boost as well, as it allows for quicker actions and is a requirement for some Planar Ornaments to provide their full effects, so that’s another one to get. The same goes for Energy Regeneration Rate, which allows a character to get their Ultimate into action much sooner.

Best Relic Sets for Huohuo:

  • Passerby of Wandering Cloud (2) + Longevous Disciple (2) – +10% Outgoing Healing, +12% maximum HP.
  • Passerby of Wandering Cloud (4) – +10% Outgoing Healing, recovers one Skill Point at the start of battle.

Best Planar Ornaments for Huohuo:

  • Fleet of the Ageless (2) – +12% maximum HP, +8% Attack for all allies when the wearer’s Speed is 120 or higher.

Prioritize the following Relic and Planar Ornament stats for Huohuo:

  • Head – HP (Primary), HP %, Speed, Effect Resistance %, Defense %
  • Hands – Attack (Primary), HP %, HP, Speed, Effect Resistance %
  • Body – HP % or Outgoing Healing % (Primary), HP, Speed, Effect Resistance %, Defense % or HP%
  • Feet – Speed (Primary), HP%, HP, Effect Resistance %, Defense %
  • Planar Sphere – HP % (Primary), HP, Speed, Effect Resistance %, Defense %
  • Link Rope – Energy Regeneration Rate % (Primary), HP %, HP, Speed, Effect Resistance %
Honkai: Star Rail Huohuo using her Ultimate.

It may require all her courage, but Huohuo is an incredibly useful asset in a fight.

Honkai: Star Rail – Huohuo: best teams

Huohuo is the best healer released since Luocha. While she gives up some healing capabilities in comparison to some of her peers by having an Ultimate that revolves around buffing, the fact that she comes with amazing dispel capabilities more than makes up for it – Bailu, for example, may be a little better at straight-up HP recovery, but her lack of a dispel has become a major drawback. Basically, you can use Huohuo as any team’s main healer and secondary buffer. She is going to be Skill Point neutral, which means she’ll use as many SP as she generates due to how her kit is set up.

  • Blade (Main DPS), Bronya (Support), Tingyun (Support), Huohuo (Support)

Again, you can use Huohuo effectively in pretty much any team, so this is just a single example. Blade benefits from all the buffs Huohuo and the other Support characters in this party can offer, kicking his offensive capabilities into overdrive. Imbibitor Lunae and Jingliu are other examples for Main DPS characters that could fit into this constellation.

Honkai: Star Rail screenshot of Huohuo.

Huohuo losing her mind thinking about all the carrying she has to do.

Honkai: Star Rail – Huohuo: ascension materials

Here’s everything you need to know to get Huohuo ascended to the maximum level and upgrade all of her talents.

Huohuo requires the following ascension materials to get to level 80 in addition to the necessary XP:

  • Credits x308,000
  • Immortal Scionette x15
  • Immortal Aeroblossom x15
  • Immortal Lumintwig x15
  • Ascendant Debris x65

You can collect Immortal Scionettes, Aeroblossoms, and Limtwigs from enemies on the Xianzhou Luofu as well as the Simulated Universe. You can create or exchange them through the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express, too. Immortal Scionettes are one of the base materials you can easily farm through the Daily Assignments to your characters, making for a steady income of the material. Ascendant Debris is dropped by the Stagnant Shadow in the Fyxestroll Garden or gained through exchange. The best source of Credits is the Golden Calyx in the Great Mine.

Honkai: Star Rail animation screenshot showing Huohuo and a heliobus.

Huohuo's relationship with the supernatural is... complicated.

Huohuo requires the following materials to upgrade her combat abilities and Traces:

  • Credits x3,000,000
  • Immortal Scionette x41
  • Immortal Aeroblossom x56
  • Immortal Lumintwig x58
  • Seed of Abundance x18
  • Sprout of Life x69
  • Flower of Eternity x139
  • Regret of Infinite Ochema x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x8

For the materials already mentioned, check above. Seed of Abundance, Sprout of Life, and Flower of Eternity can be farmed in the Crimson Calyx at Backwater Pass. As usual, you can create the high-level materials by investing lower-level materials in the Omni-Synthesizer on the Astral Express.

Regret of Infinite Ochema is a rarer material only gained from the Echo of War (Scalegorge Waterscape) domain, while Tracks of Destiny can be obtained during time-limited events, the Embers Exchange, the Nameless Honor, or as a Simulated Universe Points Reward.