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Venom game is not off the table after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Insomniac Games’ Jon Paquette is open to fan feedback on future direction
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Insomniac Games’ Jon Paquette has given an interview to Insider about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which fans believe may have hinted at a spin-off game focused on Venom being in the cards.

Paquette said that the team is still focused on Spider-Man 2 and its post-launch support, which is going to include updates to implement New Game Plus as well as a mission replay feature, and will then think about the future. Asked about a possible Venom spin-off, Paquette said that once everybody on the crew had a breather, “we're gonna listen to the fans and we're gonna ask ourselves: ‘Okay, what do the fans really want?’”

Venom screams and spittle flies out in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

PS5 players only want this one thing, and it's pretty disgusting.

What the game’s senior narrative director is talking about is a section in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 that allows players to take control of Venom, making the antagonist playable. It looks like if the reactions to this are positive enough, Insomniac Games may be prepared to give the fans more. Paquette said that the team had already immersed themselves in Venom’s comic book history for Spider-Man 2, so a source of inspiration for a potential spin-off isn’t far away.

Naturally, that’s not a hard confirmation of anything – but maybe Paquette is putting his feelers out there to gauge the mood among fans.

In any case, Insomniac’s very next project is definitely not going to be Venom, as another Marvel hero will take center stage in the studio’s upcoming game: Marvel’s Wolverine. Ryan Smith, the game director for the recent release, recently told GLHF in a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 interview what the team has learned from creating the web-slinger’s newest adventure and which lessons it can transfer over to Wolverine.

We’ve also taken a look behind the tech and visuals of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is going to be relevant for Wolverine as well as a potential Venom game.