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9/10 turn-based tactics game on Steam fusing XCOM with The Expendables is at lowest-ever price

Welcome to the jungle
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An experience with in-depth turn-based tactical gameplay doesn’t always have to be super serious – if you’re looking for challenging tactical combat and some strategic overworld planning mixed with cheesy one-liners you might find in older action flicks, then Haemimont Games’ latest entry into the iconic Jagged Alliance series is just the kind of vibe you need. Recruit a band of mercenaries with unique personalities and get to work bringing home that dough, even if you have to get a little rough.

Jagged Alliance 3 is off 50% on Steam at the moment, hitting its lowest-ever price since it’s been released in July 2023. For a game with so much replayability value, this is already a bargain that tactics fans should take advantage of, if they haven’t made the jump so far.

Jagged Alliance 3 screenshot of a battle.

No matter where you fight, you can wreak great havoc.

In Jagged Alliance 3, you’re the leader of a mercenary troop and have been hired by a company looking to protect its interests in the fictional nation of Grand Chien – a nation that’s currently in the process of tearing itself apart through civil war. There’s been a military coup, the president has been kidnapped, and juicy diamond mines are motivating all sorts of unsavory factions to muck things up even more. That may include you.

As a mercenary, you’re free to do whatever you want – you can be in it for the economical gains alone, focusing on liberating diamond mines from the rebels for your corporate overlords. But if you’re so inclined, you can help find out what happened to the president and possibly even bring the entire country back on track. Just keep in mind that your own troops aren’t working for free.

Jagged Alliance 3 combines the thrilling turn-based combat of XCOM with the tone and humor of something like The Expendables – just like its predecessors, it’s deliberately cheesy as a tribute to old action movies. There is some Mount & Blade in it as well, as a strategic world map allows your group to move between different areas, occupy settlements or mines, build defenses, and more.

In a year with many releases from this genre, Jagged Alliance 3 held its own and stood out as one of the best. Given its very solid console ports, the game is also a great candidate for your Steam Deck or other PC handhelds.