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Justin Roiland, the creator of popular cartoon show Rick & Morty and co-creator of comedy space shooter High On Life, has resigned from development studio Squanch Games. The company announced this news on January 25, 2023, though the resignation already came into effect on January 16, 2023.

The police of Orange County, California, arrested Roiland on January 12, 2023, for domestic assault. Before that, several women came out on social media with allegations against him, claiming he tried to pressure them into sexual actions and grooming them for such actions despite them being minors.

Adult Swim, the company producing Rick & Morty, also cut ties with Roiland, announcing the news on January 24, 2023. Rick & Morty will continue to be produced and aired, though the show’s creator will no longer be playing the roles of the two lead characters. New voice actors will be cast to give life to the protagonists in the future.

Justin Roiland co-founded Squanch Games in 2016 and took part in the development of all four of the studio’s games released since then. Their latest title, High On Life, became a Xbox Game Pass hit late last year after it launched on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.