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Lego and 2K’s gaming partnership has not only resulted in the recently released Lego 2K Drive: The Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea (GRAC) appears to have rated another Lego 2K title by the name of Goooal!, according to Gematsu.

This strongly suggests a soccer-themed game, which would confirm a report by VGC from last year about 2K and Lego striking a deal involving the release of several sports games. Back then, Sumo Digital’s soccer game was thought to be the first one to come out, followed by the racing title that eventually became open-world racer Lego 2K Drive. Things seem to have turned out the other way around in practice, but in general terms the report hit the nail on the head.

A third Lego 2K sports game seems to be in development as well, so there will be more on that front following Goooal! as well. With the game being publicly rated in South Korea already, it'll most likely only be a question of time until an official announcement by 2K will come out.

Lego 2K Drive was heavily criticized for its use of in-game microtransactions targeting children, so it’ll be interesting to see if 2K, which is known for leaning heavily into in-game monetization in its sports games, tones that down a bit in the upcoming game.

Supposedly, bad PR at its prior video games partner, TT Games, contributed to Lego stopping their exclusive partnership and coming to an agreement with 2K in the first place, so a repeat performance of that fiasco might not bode all too well for the partnership’s future.