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Lords of the Fallen update 1.1.224 patch notes: Expanded NG+ options and more

Developers are working to implement fan feedback
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The launch of Lords of the Fallen was hailed as a success by CI Games, but the work on the Soulslike game continues unabated to implement feedback from the player community as well as address performance issues on several platforms. Patch 1.1.224 for Lords of the Fallen is advancing those objectives on all fronts.

Completionists and achievement hunters can be happy about a new NG+ option. Players can now either advance to the next, more difficult NG+ level after having completed the game again, or retain their powerful character and items to repeat a run through the same NG+ level, making it easier to concentrate on achievements as they don’t have to contend with another difficulty spike. Further adjustments to NG+ are coming with another patch on October 26, 2023.

Lords of the Fallen gameplay

Work on Lords of the Fallen continues with a steady stream of updates.

As the developers recently announced, NG+ modifiers are in the works as well, allowing players to customize their own experience in this mode.

Patch 1.1.224 improves the game’s leashing system, restricting mobs from following players too far away from their spawn points. This is supposed to help prevent crowds of enemies building up around players. AI behavior leading to players getting swarmed too much has been tweaked as well. Again, more refinements are planned for the next update coming this Thursday.

For now, here are the full Lords of the Fallen update 1.1.224 patch notes.

Lords of the Fallen 1.1.224 patch notes


  • Added a new NG+ option that resets the game world, allowing you to restart with your current character level in the same world.

Enemy Density

  • We've improved the leashing system where enemies will stop pursuing you after a certain distance (varies by situation). This prevents overwhelming crowds of enemies if you rush through a map section.


  • Fixed fog card artifacts in locations like the Manse of the Hallowed Brothers chapterhouse when Frame Generation was enabled.

Corrupted saves solution

For those players who have lost level progression, either through corrupted saves or due to the co-op related issue in v.1.1.215, please know we are working diligently on a solution for you. We're setting up a team you can send your corrupted saves/downgraded characters to, which will respond by providing your saves with the required vigor to restore characters up to the level they were before the glitch.

Those affected by the corrupted save file, please follow the steps below:

1. Create your new character.

2. Send your new character save*, the name of that character, and the level you need restored, to

3. We’ll send you back your save, with enough vigor skulls to reach the same level. You will need to restart your playthrough, but should be able to restore your progress very quickly with your high-level character.

Those affected by the co-op savegame glitch on v.1.1.215, please follow the steps below:

1. Send your affected character save*, the name of that character, and the level you need restored, to

2. We’ll send you back your save, with enough vigor skulls to reach the same level.

*Your character saves are located at %USERPROFILE%/AppData/Local/LOTF2/Saved/SaveGames

If you want to play Lords of the Fallen with your friends on other platforms, it seems like you won’t have to wait too long anymore: Console crossplay is supposed to be activated on October 30, 2023, with crossplay between all platforms following on November 2, 2023.