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Soulslike boom continues as Lies of P celebrates one million sales and Lords of the Fallen reports successful launch

Happy news from two development studios
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It seems like Soulslikes are benefitting from the phenomenal success of Elden Ring in 2022 that brought the genre into more of a mainstream focus. South Korean developer NEOWIZ revealed that Lies of P, which launched in September 2023, has passed the important milestone of having sold one million copies in just under a month since release – a very strong performance. It’s no wonder that the team is already looking for additional employees to create Lies of P DLC.

"This incredible milestone for Lies of P proves the potential of Korean console games on the global stage,” stated Seungchul Kim, co-CEO of NEOWIZ, in a press release. “The Lies of P project was a challenging endeavor for NEOWIZ and Round8 Studio and we take great pride in what we achieved with this title.”

The main character shows off his Legion Arm.

Lies of P has sold a million copies in just under a month.

“The reception has been incredible so far, and we are beyond thankful that over one million players have already embarked on their journey through Krat. Likewise, we are excited for what the future holds for Lies of P, and can’t wait to share more when the time is right,” commented Jiwon Choi, the director for Lies of P.

Fellow Soulslike Lords of the Fallen, which just launched on October 13, 2023, seems to have had a satisfying release as well for developer and publisher CI Games. Marek Tyminski, the company’s CEO, stated on social media: “We are pleased to confirm, following the release of Lords of the Fallen, that CI Games is well positioned for the future games in our development pipeline (Project Survive and action-RPG Project III). We will announce the key data for Lords of the Fallen in the coming days (sales and capex).”

Technical issues with Lords of the Fallen have somewhat marred the game’s launch, but it still received strong reviews and seems like it’s already been a commercial success.

All’s well in the world of Soulslikes and the upcoming Elden Ring expansion Shadow of the Erdtree will likely provide another boost to the entire genre.