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New Lost Ark class Breaker is a punching fan’s dream


Breaker, the latest Lost Ark class, adds yet another way for martial artists to hit things in the MMO game, but with a smart twist this time. The Breaker class drop-kicks its way into Lost Ark on March 20, 2024, with a big emphasis on stances and stamina management.

Breakers play a see-saw game with stamina and shock gauges, where using skills depletes stamina and raises shock, which buffs the Breaker’s power in general. That may sound a bit familiar if you’ve played the Scrapper class, but what makes Breakers different is their tenaciousness – literally.

Breakers gain tenacious stacks when their skills land, and once you have enough tenaciousness, you can activate the Brawl King stance or Asura State, depending on which engraving you choose. Breakers move quickly in Brawl King stance, hit harder with their basic attack, and gain a skill cooldown reduction buff. Nearby party members also get a small attack buff while you stay in the stance. There’s also a nifty little move where, when you use basic attacks and a stamina skill, the basic attack’s final hit lands instantly.

Asura State Breakers are a bit more defensive. You and your allies get the same attack buff the Brawl King Stance offers, but their basic attack power starts scaling on critical hit rate. Movement skills get a small buff, and you get the Defensive Speculation move. This skill reduces incoming push and damage and, if a boss attacks while the skill is active, the penalty is halved.

It's a pretty snazzy class and one that makes strong use of every part of your kit, instead of just a handful of the same skills on endless rotation. It's also the fifth martial artist advanced class, where most others only have two or three advanced classes. But since it sounds so cool, we won't hold that against it.