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NBA star Luka Dončić spotted in Overwatch 2 Grandmaster lobby

Dallas Mavericks player is a high-level Tank
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Luka Dončić, the Dallas Mavericks NBA star, is well-known to be passionate about Overwatch and also seems to enjoy the first-person shooter’s sequel a lot. Being a top basketball athlete apparently doesn’t stop Dončić from achieving a pretty high rank in Overwatch 2, as he was recently spotted in a Grandmaster lobby in the game – in the title’s ranking system that’s the group of players below the top 500, so anyone in that skill range knows what they’re doing.

Dončić was discovered by pure chance during an Overwatch 2 broadcast on the Twitch stream of m0xyy, who regularly plays the game (thanks, Dexerto). Playing duo with a friend, m0xyy came upon a player with the nickname Donatello – yes, like the Italian Renaissance artist and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle – queuing for the Tank role. After playing a round, Donatello asked m0xyy if he was the popular Twitch streamer over the game’s voice chat, since he was a bit of a fan.

A third team mate then asked Donatello about his hobbies, to which he responded with “I play basketball.” He then answered “Dallas Mavericks” when asked if he played at a gym or on an actual team. That obviously unexpected response led to some confusion, but Donatello kept clarifying that he was talking about the actual NBA team.

Reinhardt in Overwatch 2.

Dončić mainly seems to play the Tank class in Overwatch 2.

Pressed by his Twitch chat, which started spamming that Donatello was actually Dončić, m0xyy asked him about his identity directly, which Donatello confirmed to be the NBA star. Not believing the story quite yet, m0xyy began asking questions about Dončić, like his birthday and the name of his mother, which Donatello answered without any hesitation. “I know, I’m him,” Dončić said.

Comparing the voice heard on stream to how Dončić sounds like on TV definitely checks out as well, so this rare sighting was definitely authentic and a pretty cool moment for the streamer – and probably for Dončić as well, since he watches m0xyy sometimes.

Gameplay-wise, the NBA star also seems very deserving of his Grandmaster ranking. Though he previously stated on social media that his favorite heroes were Roadhog, Hanzo, and Cassidy, he very competently played as Reinhardt and Zarya during the matches with m0xyy, doing a great job fulfilling his role.

Scoring points in the world’s premier basketball league and protecting his teammates in Overwatch 2 – Luka Dončić can do it all.