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Marvel Snap player hits max collection level in “world first”

That’s a big whale
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Developed under the supervision of former Hearthstone director Ben Brode, Marvel Snap has been a huge hit among mobile gamers since it was released last year.

Players of the award-winning card game have to create the best Marvel Snap decks to compete against each other and gain additional rewards. While the game doesn’t contain any pay-to-win elements, as a free-to-play title it offers ways to boost progress through real-money purchases.

A player called Aaron used the game’s official Discord channel on January 27, 2023, to ask if the team had plans to increase the maximum collection level, because they had already reached the limit – that’s level 22,366.

Marvel Snap splash screen logo art

A Marvel Snap whale has reached the max collection level in the game.

One of the Marvel Snap developers called this an “impressive achievement” and a “world first”, promising to extend the maximum collection level in a future update. Marvel Snap was launched in June 2022, which under normal circumstances would not be enough time to reach this level, so the player must have used real money to boost their progress.

How much money did the player spend?

Users of the official Discord server and Reddit quickly put together estimations of how much money must have been spent to achieve this milestone, with a range of $10,000 to $15,000 being thrown around.

Aaron is not secretive about this fact, though. Asked about how much money they invested, they stated the amount to be around $5,000. Other users pointed out that Aaron runs an Agatha deck pretty much 24/7. One of Marvel Snap’s cards, Agatha Harkness, takes over playing a match for you once she’s played, essentially allowing you to go and do other things while she wraps up the match for you. You can even set up macros to search and enter matches, play Agatha, and then repeat all that automatically, allowing you to farm immense amounts of XP without having to do anything.

There is probably a discussion to be had here about how impressive that really is and if it can really count as a “world first” – the developers certainly won’t criticize their players for spending money, so of course they’d be full of lauding words. At the end of the day we have to concede that it is quite impressive how far people are willing to go for internet points, at the very least.