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Marvel’s Blade concept art shows gritty, vampire-infested Paris

Courtesy of Arkane Lyon’s art director
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Arkane Lyon provided one of the highlights from this year’s The Game Awards with its reveal of Marvel’s Blade, a single-player third-person action-adventure game. Sebastien Mitton, who is the co-creative director as well as art director at the studio and has work on the Dishonored series as well as Deathloop under his belt, shared three pieces of concept art for the game on social media.

He wrote: “Your excitement following Marvel's Blade reveal means the world to us. Here's some exclusive eye candy from our Art heroes at Lyon!” He added that the studio is still looking to fill a few positions, calling for talents in several different fields to apply.

Marvel's Blade concept art.

Blade watching chaos unfold on the streets of Paris.

Depicted on the highly stylized pieces of art is a very gritty and a little futuristic version of Paris. We can see flying transports colored in black that are searching neighborhoods with spotlights from the air. Smoke is rising from the valleys of highrises throughout the city, caused by burning cars we can spot at the street level. Swarms of bats are visible, darkening the sky. Blade, who holds a pistol in one hand and has his sword slung over his shoulder, stands atop a roof, taking in the sights.

Marvel's Blade concept art.

Blade sneaking around, observing his prey.

Another image has Blade sneaking around, observing a gang of vampires drenched in neon light. Once again he holds his revolver in hand, ready for a quick shot. Graffiti showing a human with a garlic head and crossed out eyes is present in both of these artworks.

Marvel's Blade concept art.

Blade fighting off a swarm of bats.

The final piece of concept art depicts blade with his sword out, trying to fight off a swarm of bats while a train filled with vampires drives past. Half of them are asleep or passed out, which makes them fitting company for the vampires from the second image, who look like they’re waiting to be let into a club.

Aside from “well, it’s Arkane, so there’ll probably be some stealth and immersive sim elements” we can’t really draw any conclusions from this concept art, but it’s a nice first taste of the atmosphere the studio seems to be going for.