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Max Verstappen is the two-time Formula 1 World Champion and a passionate sim racer on top, regularly taking part in online events and streaming his gameplay on his own or Team Redline’s Twitch channel. The successful sim racing team recently started a regular streaming program with drivers showing their gameplay on the team’s channel each Wednesday, and the Red Bull Racing driver took over the show this week, hopping on Discord with fellow Redline members to chat away while driving in iRacing.

The fun ended earlier than expected, though, because it turns out that Verstappen was not home alone – his partner Kelly Piquet’s young daughter, Penelope, was around as well, and it seems like the F1 World Champion had forgotten about a very important previous engagement: a tea party.

The girl, who will turn four years old this year, is seen distracting her stepfather on his cam to get his attention, though he was able to fend her off for the time being. Her voice is heard a bit later as she reminds Verstappen about the tea party she had planned, to which he said: “I know, I know, I’ll come soon.”

That was not soon enough for Penelope, though, who returned in person to remind him once again – prompting his team mates on Discord to pile on their own reminders that he’s missing the tea party. It’s good to see that we all gently mock our friends over voice chat from time to time, even if they are successful F1 drivers.

Penelope presumably got her wish a bit later as Verstappen bade his colleagues and the viewers goodbye a bit before the stream was scheduled to end – hopefully the tea was still warm. You can find a clip of these proceedings on Imgur.

Verstappen is known as laser-focused and relentless when he’s on track, which sometimes isn’t helping his public perception, so seeing this adorable side of his life thanks to a gaming stream was a great way for fans to build a connection to him.