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Mecha BREAK revealed at The Game Awards 2023

Multiplayer mech action
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Seasun Games has revealed Mecha BREAK, its upcoming multiplayer mech shooter, with a trailer at The Game Awards 2023. Featuring customizable mechs with unique fighting styles, Mecha BREAK will enable co-op play in squads from three to six players as well as intense battle royale action with up to 48 participating users.

Mecha BREAK will come to PC in 2024 and you can watch the announcement trailer below:

Controlled from a third-person perspective, the game’s mechs are about a dozen meters tall and excel at both air and ground combat. Depending on the game mode, players will be tasked with different mission objectives to complete, requiring them to work with their teams. Dangers like pulse storms and colossal weapons threaten everyone on the battlefield.

Mecha Break key art showing a giant mech.

Mecha BREAK has been inspired by the likes of Gundam and Armored Core.

Each mech in the game consists of over 120 color modules, allowing players to customize their battlesuits in great detail. In addition, elements like weapons, shields, and wings can be changed according to one’s own taste.

All unlockable mechs and pilots come with their own backstory and equipment, allowing them to fulfill specific roles on the battlefield. Finding the perfect team composition is going to be key with roles like sniper, brawler, defender, attacker, and support being available.

Series like Gundam and Armored Core served as inspiration for the title.

Mecha BREAK is set in a future version of Earth, which has been hit by a coronal mass ejection from our sun, devastating the planet. Tectonic plates got shaken around, changing the face of the Earth and creating mysterious crystal formations. Technologically valuable but extremely harmful to humans, an array of factions is now fighting for access to these resources – without knowing all too much about them. What could possibly go wrong?

Seasun Games is a Chinese developer best known for its Sword Heroes’ Fate series.