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Metal Gear fans thought actress and singer Donna Burke was teasing a Metal Gear 3 remake, but it turns out Burke’s new Snake Eater project has nothing to do with whatever plans Konami may have for the stealth game series (thanks, TheGamer). On April 14, 2023, Burke tweeted a picture of herself holding a book with “Snake Eater” written at the top and said “Recording in progress!”

Since Burke lent her voice to iDroid in previous Metal Gear games and has sung the Snake Eater song at Metal Gear concerts before, fans jumped to the conclusion that her recording was somehow tied to a Metal Gear 3 remake. The idea took root and spread across social media, becoming popular enough that project director Mason Lieberman acknowledged the rumor on Twitter and debunked it.

“Not to rain on anyone's parade, but to avoid misinformation getting out there: We are not working on Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake,” Lieberman said.

The project does involve Burke singing Snake Eater, but Lieberman said any other details are under wraps, to be announced at a later date.

Whether a Metal Gear remake is in the works remains to be seen. The big Nvidia leak from 2022 suggested Konami planned on reviving Metal Gear with PC ports of Metal Gear 2 and Metal Gear 3’s HD remasters, though the publisher has yet to announce anything official. Still, it’s a reasonable assumption to make, considering Konami partnered with multiple outside teams to bring Silent Hill back to life.