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Update: June 26, 2023:

It looks like SCUF, makers of the high-end Reflex control, might be involved in the Barbie Xbox collaboration. The SCUF Twitter account retweeted an image of the products and remarked on how good they look. The Xbox announcement only called them "Xbox Wireless Controls," though, so it seems unlikely these are based on SCUF's Reflex model.

Original Story:

After collaborating with Porsche for a series of limited edition Xbox Series X consoles, Microsoft has unveiled its next partnership, which involves none other than iconic doll Barbie – it’s a promo for her upcoming movie and has some surprises in store.

If you’re still on the market for a Xbox Series S, then keep an eye out for this piece of hardware: a Series S in a lush pink and with a Barbie logo on it that’s been built into a Barbie dreamhouse. It has a wireless controller in the same color tone in tow and comes with optional faceplates that allow you to customize the controller at will.

While the gamepad shown on the promo image very much resembles a regular Xbox controller in shape and button placement, you can clearly spot another white button below and between the right stick and the d-pad, which appears to have a muted microphone symbol on it. This part is cut out on the plates as well to still allow access to it.

Xbox controller comparison.

That sure looks like a new button on the bottom of this pink controller.

Did good ole’ Barbie just reveal a brand-new Xbox controller with a built-in microphone? That is certainly how it looks. Microsoft is calling it a “Xbox Wireless Controller” on the blog revealing the collaboration.

You can win both the custom Xbox Series S as well as the potentially new controllers starting on July 10, 2023, through the Xbox Twitter account and Microsoft Rewards.

As for the other surprise: Players of Forza Horizon 5 will be gifted a classic 1956 Chevrolet Corvette EV Corvette painted in Barbie’s iconic pink color scheme as well as a 2022 GMC Hummer EV Pickup, which is Ken’s vehicle of choice in the movie. You can access these gifts in the in-game message center and download them from there.