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Millennia dev presents massive changelog ahead of release

Final stretch of development seems to go smoothly
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It’s no secret that Millennia is one of my most anticipated games of 2024, as the turn-based 4X strategy game comes with some incredibly promising twists to the usual Civilization formula – alternative ages that introduce steampunk tech or aliens, complex production chains, and more.

This makes me all the more glad that developer C Prompt Games’ newest dev diary indicated that the final stretch of development is going well. Describing what the road to release is like in theory and practice in a regular game studio, C Prompt’s Ian Fischer wrote: “But, even though the scheduled chunk of nothing-assigned polish time is often filled with unexpected chaos, there are different flavors of chaos. I don’t want to curse us – we are not done yet – but Millennia has thus far (happily) enjoyed the mild variety in this phase leading up to release.”

Millennia screenshot showing a town.

Players can expect Millennia's release version to feature changes in all areas when compared to the demo.

It looks like everyone on the team is focused on implementing feedback from the recent Steam Next Fest demo – Millennia was one of the top ten most-played games during the event – and generally polishing the release version of the game. Fischer added an extensive list of changes to the dev diary, giving readers a taste of what is going to change for Millennia ahead of release.

Many of these reflect the criticism about the game’s presentation with new visual and sound assets featuring heavily in the changelog. Most of the terrain seems to be equipped with new textures in the final version and the sounds for something like 200 units being updated. While there won’t be a total visual overhaul, it sounds like Millennia will get a bit of a fresher look for launch.

Balance adjustments and UI improvements are featured as well, such as the addition of nested tooltips in some areas, and the AI will be more capable than what the demo showed.

Fischer already shared that more quality of life improvements are on the list for the future as well with the Combat Viewer – probably one of the most divisive features of the upcoming game – in the focus. Alongside free updates, the Millennia roadmap has already detailed some expansions for the title.

Millennia is set for release on March 26, 2024, for PC.