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Update 1.20 for Minecraft is shaping up to be quite the exciting package, as it includes the highly anticipated archeology system, which lets you add some history to your world, and a lovable new mob called Sniffer, which can be hatched from ancient eggs you dig up during your archeological expeditions. That’s not everything, though: Minecraft 1.20 also introduces a brand-new region to the game, the Cherry Blossom biome.

As you’d imagine, the trees filling this new biome type turn your Minecraft world into a vibrant pink environment. You can use their saplings to transport this magic anywhere else in your world, and the wood is usable for various crafting and building endeavors as well.

All three additions to update 1.20 will be available to test and play in an upcoming Minecraft snapshot for both the Java and Bedrock editions on February 15, 2023 with the exception of the Cherry Blossom biome, which will only be available through the Java snapshot tomorrow. It’ll be included in the Bedrock edition at a later date.

A Minecraft house built from Cherry Blossom wood.

The new wood type can be used for crafting and building.

How to play a Minecraft snapshot

If you want to try the snapshot containing archeology for yourself, you can easily do so from your Minecraft launcher by following these steps:

  1. Start the Minecraft launcher.
  2. Click "Installations".
  3. For snapshots: click "Snapshots".
  4. Start up Minecraft.

The goal of these snapshots is to collect feedback on gameplay and potential technical issues from the community, so remember that the features shown in these previews are still very much in development.