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The new Fungle Among Us map is out now on all platforms

Fungus Among Us

The new Among Us map is available now, bringing mushrooms, murder, and mayhem in a free update across console, PC, and mobile devices. The Among Us Fungle map is one of the multiplayer game’s biggest new additions since developer Innersloth launched new roles in 2022, with a large outdoor map, several devious new interactions, and quite a bit more.

The Fungle is, as you’d probably guess, a fungus jungle. Mushrooms are everywhere, and they aren’t just for decoration. Crew members and imposters can use them to release a giant spore cloud and hide their locations – and heinous actions – from prying eyes. 

No one can really prove who was where when the spores start flying, so it’s the perfect way to sow doubt and send your innocent victims off into the sunset on a burning boat.

A rounded red creature in a spacesuit is holding a shining mushroom as the sun sets over a fungus-filled beach

Mushrooms, murder, and marshmallows - oh my.

The innocent victims themselves have a raft of new tasks to contend with. You can fling a frisbee over the waves, go fishing, roast marshmallows, lift weights, and repair complex machinery with a simple flick of the wrist. 

There’s a zipline to whoosh you around the island with speed and a new kind of vent that isn’t really a vent because it’s a giant bean-eating plant. Keep an eye out for suspicious sprouts as you explore the island. There may just be a killer inside one.

If none of this really catches your fancy and you just want to explore, Innersloth said The Fungle has Hide n Seek mode available from day one.

As with most big Among Us updates, this one also comes with several new cosmetics themed after the Fungle so you can run, scream, murder, and hide in mad mushroom style.

Bear in mind that the Fungle update is a mandatory one, so you can't stick with an older version of the game. You have to update it to continue playing.