New Palworld update Sakurajima adds a fresh island and more Pals

And a raid, and a faction, and a quite a bit more

PocketPair announced a big new Palworld update, Sakurajima, with another island to explore in the Pokemon-like game, more Pals, more bosses, and a fresh raid. The Palworld Sakurajima update releases for PC and Xbox Series X|S on June 27, 2024.

The new island takes clear inspiration from Japan, with temple lanterns, bamboo, and cherry blossom trees aplenty, but it looks like PocketPair has more in store than just a Japan-themed Palworld theme park. A few bits of footage showed off giant mushrooms, and there’s even an oil rig out at sea, which doubles as a new stronghold raid location.

Some of the new Pals include a big ghost-like creature that actually doesn’t resemble a Pokemon for a change, along with a mimic-like treasure chest creature and two fox-shaped critters that wield elemental magic. In addition to new Pals, PocketPair teased new Pal subspecies, though they didn’t go into much detail about them.

There’s a new faction that doesn’t look irredeemably evil, more bosses, and a fresh new raid to test your endgame skills. Speaking of endgame, you get an increased level cap and more buildings to construct. Finally, PocketPair announced the Palworld Sakurajima update will finally add dedicated Xbox servers, a feature players have requested on the Palworld roadmap since the game first launched on Xbox Game Pass.

Josh Broadwell