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It’s almost Super Bowl week, and the NFL wants to get you into the right mood for the year’s main event in football. To that end, the league has partnered up with sandbox game Roblox to present an in-game concert by hip-hop star Saweetie.

The performance is set to debut on February 10, 2023, at 4pm PT / 7pm ET, after which it will repeat hourly until Super Bowl Sunday on February 12. Roblox users will be able to watch the concert in Rhythm City, an official Warner Music Group map created for the game.

The event includes a full motion capture performance of some of Saweetie’s most well-known songs. Saweetie has an interesting family connection to the NFL, as her grandfather, Willie Harper, played football for the San Francisco 49ers.

Before that, on February 4, a new Roblox map called Super NFL Tycoon will go live on the platform. Here, users will be able to take on the role as a NFL franchise owner with everything that entails: drafting a team, building a stadium, managing the cash flow, and – most thrilling of all – doing taxes.

Super NFL Tycoon is already the second football management game launched on Roblox, with the NFL’s own NFL Tycoon going live in October 2022.

The league also released the NFL Quarterback Simulator on the platform last year, so this is not the NFL's first blocky rodeo.

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