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Old World heads to Ancient Egypt with Pharaohs of the Nile

4X turn-based strategy game adds new campaign and civilization
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Mohawk Games’ 4X turn-based strategy game Old World is getting an Egypt-themed expansion on October 4, 2023: Pharaohs of the Nile adds a narratively driven campaign with unique events and mechanics to the game as well as featuring fresh content for the sandbox mode.

Ancient Egypt is front and center in this expansion pack: Players will live through significant parts of the country’s history, beginning with the unification of the competing city states. Other periods featured are the Amarna Period, in which Akhenaten tried to establish a new, monotheistic faith, Ramesses the Great’s war against the Hittites, and the Bronze Age Collapse, which marked the end of Egypt’s status as a superpower in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Old World: Pharaohs of the Nile artwork.

Old World already has Egypt as a playable civilization, now a campaign pack focuses on the faction.

This campaign is enhanced by unique mechanics like the periodic flooding of the Nile and the Ma’at Meter, which shows the nation’s balance and your legitimacy as ruler. Many events and characters inspired by these times will show up during playthroughs of this campaign.

For the sandbox mode, Pharaohs of the Nile introduces a new faction to play as, the Kingdom of Kush. Kush, better known as Nubia, is the region south of Egypt and was often involved with its northern neighbor in some ways – be it through trade, as conquerors, or as the conquered. The Kushites come with their own set or bonuses and unique units, but will also feature their own improvements in the form of Kushite Pyramids – a first for Old World.

No price has been announced for the DLC as of yet.

Old World was released in 2021 for PC and is heavily inspired by Civilization 5, which is not very surprising given that both games have the same lead designer in Soren Johnson. In addition to a set of classical 4X turn-based strategy game elements, Mohawk added RPG-inspired aspects to the title, which are reminiscent of Crusader Kings. Another unique feature is the order mechanic, which makes orders a limited resource generated in the game and forces the player to prioritize their actions.

Old World: Pharaohs of the Nile will be released on October 4, 2023, for PC.