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Blizzard is testing new Overwatch 2 Quick Play changes

Introducing Quick Play Hacked

Blizzard is running some tests in Overwatch 2 Quick Play queues for a short time, speeding up the multiplayer game’s matches to see how you like them. Quick Play Hacked, as Blizzard calls it, runs from Jan. 12, 2024, through Jan. 14, 2024, and unlike the old Experimental Cards from the original Overwatch, it completely replaces regular Quick Play.

Quick Play Hacked really takes “quick play” to heart and speeds up pretty much everything in each mode. Respawn times take 75 percent of the usual time, payloads move 60 percent faster, capturing objective points happens 40 percent faster, and match times are cut back as well. Escort, Hybrid, and Push matches last 70 percent of their usual time.

Capturing the objective in Flashpoint is 20 percent faster, and you score the objective 40 percent faster.

“Quicker Play is the first Quick Play: Hacked,” Blizzard said in the announcement. “We want to explore new and fun ways to change core Quick Play gameplay. Changes will happen periodically and only for a limited time. Quick Play: Hacked won’t typically affect specific hero balance, but, rather, the strategies and fundamentals of the core gameplay.”

Depending on how the test goes, Blizzard may implement these changes or something similar in future Overwatch 2 updates. Quick Play Hacked only affects Quick Play queues. You’ll still have normal games in competitive and arcade modes, and Blizzard said you can create a custom quick play game if you want to play with the normal rules during the Hacked weekend.