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Palworld is selling a million copies daily now, keeps reaching higher peaks

Milestones continue to tumble
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Palworld has now sold eight million copies on Steam in just six days, adding another million new players since yesterday’s seven million sales milestone – that’s right, the indie survival crafting creature collector is selling about a million units daily at the moment. A most impressive result, especially as developer Pocketpair clarified that these are Steam-only numbers and don’t count the Game Pass population.

Palworld also cracked another concurrent players milestone, managing to have an all-time peak of 2,018,905 active users on Steam yesterday, which beat its previous record by over 150,000. What’s interesting about Palworld is that these peaks tend to happen outside of American and European peak gaming hours – the reason for that seems to be the game’s popularity in China.

A Palworld tamer is walking through a pasture filled with Lamball

The number of Pal Tamers keeps growing and growing.

Stephen Totilo was able to provide some ownership numbers for Palworld, showing that over a third of its player base is from China and about a fifth from the US followed by Germany, France, and Canada.

Clearly, word-of-mouth marketing is doing its job for Pocketpair – people find out about the game, try it, and then rope in their friends.

Meanwhile, The Pokémon Company has made an official statement regarding Palworld, saying it’s investigating claims of copyright infringement and – between the lines – asking people to stop sending them inquiries about it. It has already prevented a Palworld Pokémon mod from being released, so the company is keenly observing the current developments.

While we don’t know for sure what that investigation will lead to, Palworld’s triumph continues unabated for now and the developers have revealed the official Palworld roadmap for further development, detailing what improvements and features players can expect in the future.

I’ll probably see you tomorrow for nine million sales, then.