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Palworld honey locations and honey farming tips

Sweet and sour
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Palworld honey is an essential part of getting more and better Pals, but like most things in Pocketpair’s Pokemon-like game, figuring out how to get honey is a chore. It's worth the effort, though. You need honey to make cakes, and you need cakes to encourage Palworld breeding. Breeding your Pals - let's just ignore how wrong that sounds - is the best way to get strong fighters capable of dealing with late-game threats, so having plenty of honey on hand is a good idea.

Our Palworld honey guide explains which Pals you can get the sweet stuff from and how to farm honey efficiently.

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Palworld honey locations – Which Pals drop honey?

Several Palworld Cinnamoth battle a Free Pal grunt in a forest

Honey-dropping Cinnamoth are in no short supply.

From what we’ve seen, only four Pals drop honey when defeated or if you capture them.

  • Warsect
  • Elizabee
  • Beegarde
  • Cinnamoth

The easiest ones to find – and the ones you can reach soonest – are Cinnamoth. They live in Cinnamoth Forest, unsurprisingly, but also pretty much everywhere on that island as well. You’ll find Cinnamoth near the Lake Center fast travel point, all around the Ritual Site, and west of the Hypocrite Hill fast travel point. They’re about level 16-18, so you should be at least level 11 before trying to take them on.

A map showing where to find Palworld's Cinnamoth for honey

A lot of Free Pal grunts roam this island and attack you on sight. They’re rather more challenging to deal with and clock in at level 20 or so. However, if you time your attacks well, you can let a grunt battle the Pals and then knock out a weak Cinnamoth to collect its honey. They won’t drop any if a grunt or a Pal you don’t tame knocks them out.

Warsect, a wasp-like Pal only found on a small island north of the volcano, is another option. It’s not the easiest area to reach, so don’t count on Warsect for your main source of honey or an early one.

Best Pals for honey

Your best bet is Beegarde and, by extension, Elizabee. These live on the large island northeast of the one where your journey starts. Some players say they found Beegarde near the Mount Flopie fast travel point, north of Lake Center, but I never saw any there. However, I did find plenty near the Snowy Mountain Fork point just to the northeast, then south all the way down to Gobfin’s Turf.

A map showing where to find Palworld's Beegarde

Beegarde travel in swarms and explode upon defeat, so make sure you're prepared.

Elizabee live in colonies of Beegarde in the same areas.

Palworld honey farming

A Palworld ranch primed for honey farming is shown, littered with bundles of unharvested wool

Even if you forget to pick up your mats, there's still room for honey farming.

While you could fast travel to Cinnamoth Forest and battle or catch hordes of Cinnamoth for honey, your best bet is capturing a few Beegarde and bringing them back to your Palworld Ranch. Like Lamball and Chikipi, Beegarde will periodically give you honey after you assign them to the ranch. 

While the rate at which they produce honey here seems a little slower than the rate you get wool and eggs, it’s a much more convenient and efficient way of getting the valuable resource.